So here I am….I have a blog. I feel very high tech and hip and happening which possibly means I aren’t. So this follows the worst 24 hours in which I think I am dehydrated from crying. For the first time I have given in to this stupid disease and had to take a night off work sick.

I was very fed up yesterday as had pretty much a constant migraine for a week. Seem to speak to my doctors constantly. They added beta blockers to my ridiculous regime of drugs on Friday. The doctor also suggested at that point that I might want to go back on orlistat to help me lose weight and arranged for me to see the nurse on Monday morning to arrange it and get my start weight. Despite going to slimming world I thought they would help me greatly so off I popped to see the lovely nurse.

She started by telling me my most recent blood test results were back and my vitamin levels for B and D were critical so they would do me a prescription. She then weighed me and congratulated me on the weight I had lost since last time. At this point my 3 year old demanded the toilet so she told me to take him while she sorted the prescriptions with a doctor.

So I came back in to not being able to have either. Apparently because I lost weight it proves I don’t need the tablets. Ok perhaps in hindsight he might be right on that one.

But apparently my disease means my vitamin levels will never be high and because of this I will also struggle to lose weight. Obviously this was brilliant news. I spoke to a pharmacist who said over the counter vitamins won’t touch me and I need prescription ones. This is still an ongoing battle. I rung today and spoke to a different doctor. Absolutely useless!! Firstly she said because I was crying I need counselling…….no you need to make me feel better and then she asked why I wasn’t exercising…….umm YOU wrote a note advising me to cancel my gym membership as their is too much damage to my joints.

So that was a fun conversation!

Oh and then I rang someone, mentioning no names (mum) who in an attempt to cheer me up pushed me even further which resulted in me hanging up.

Today has probably been my lowest yet, constant temperatures, dizzyness, blurred vision, extreme fatigue and then my 8 year old asked me why I am always poorly now.

But I need to kick my arse and get back on top. Have bought stupidly expensive and disgusting vitamin drinks to try and get a boost and have the rheumatology consultant on Friday so will be going armed with a list of questions!

If anyone read all this…then well done