So my first post was very therapeutic for me. My lovely friends helped me feel it was worth while. But one mentioned that she didn’t know much about what it’s actually like to have this so everyone can blame Sarah Schofield for this post in case you would like to look her up on Facebook and blame her ha ha.

So here we go…..

01.25…..awake with hot sweats, headache and feeling sick
04.36…..awake with hot sweats, as I am laid in bed Finley wakes up and comes up to our bed. The extra body heat is unbearable so I got out and am now in his bottom bunk. At least it is cool.
08.23….Been awake about 40 mins. Woke to more hair on pillow. Got a blonde dye so contemplating using it after the school run to see if makes the bald spots less noticeable. Other than the constant migraine and the fatigue today I have pain in 5 joints (yes I counted). Kids won’t listen so turned into a screamy mum. Neighbours must love me. Determined to get back on slimming world today but feel too sick at the minute for breakfast.
09.40……went to morrisons for bin liners, yes this is the high life. Now starting the day with 10 tablets and the foul vitamin drinks Urgh. Need to get cleaned up really but when in so much pain and dizzy it’s the last thing I want to do.
10.27…..sat with a dye on my hair and crying. Shouldn’t have looked in the mirror. Can see all the bald patches and how thin it is. Hopefully will look better once dried and styled.
11.55……Yeah it looks better again but it isn’t blonde!!! I am surprised after making my hair green I bother using dyes ha. Managed to tidy house but then another migraine has hit and have the flashing lights in my eyes. Going to get Finley to nursery then rest up for a bit.

Its now 17.17, I feel awful. Am dizzy, have a horrible taste in my mouth and my head is spinning. I have had to give in and ask Jaime to collect Jess from rehearsals for me as Rob is out doing the podcast and I aren’t well enough to drive. Zob is coming round for the house key to feed the cats this weekend but not sure he is the person to ask to pick up my mini me. I think alone in a car even for 5 minutes he would be driven insane. I HATE having to ask people for help. Really hate it. I am going to speak to the consultant on friday about changing some medications as am sure something is causing the constant migraines.

I want to feel better for this weekend so desperately. This will be our 5th night away in 8 years so I will be damned if this is going to ruin it.

Ooh on a completely different note I think we have a 4th cat. Rob saw it in the house then I have done 2 days in a row. Our cats seem to like it and seem to be welcoming it. Been in the cellar today and it looks like it has made a bed for itself down there. Just seen it on the road and it was eating scraps off the floor. It won’t come near us yet but that is my next mission.

So thats me done today, hope this gives you a better idea why I am so grumpy at the minute.