So I took the evil 6 little yellow pills this morning, on top of my usual 10. I am really hoping my consultant appointment tomorrow leads to two things. Switch from tablets to injections as they have less side effects and reduce the dosage down as my pain has definitely improved.

I am meant to be a slimming world now finding out how much I have put on but am exhausted and feel sick and faint so come home instead. Have got disney on ice with rob and the kids tonight. Should be looking forward to it and really bitter that I aren’t. I am excited for a lie in tomorrow though. Rob is off for the next week. Again I should be excited but am constantly exhausted and feeling unwell.

Jess is meant to be tidying her room upstairs but I can here her talking which makes me think she isn’t. Finley has just fallen asleep next to me so I might copy him.

Hopefully have a more positive blog tomorrow as have the consultant and am going away yay.