Quick update. We are at church view cottages at Stockton on the forest. It is lovely. So nice. Just what I need. Kids currently in bed watching a film. So far my highlight has been using a portable scanner at asda. It was awesome.

Anyway had the consultant today, the point of this update. Bit of medical info for you. The inflammation levels in a healthy person is 10 or below. 8 weeks ago when I started the chemo mine were 73, it’s now in the 30’s so still very poorly but heading in the right direction. He has convinced me the tiredness and migraines are just down to the fact I am still very ill and the chemo has done so much good we need to continue on the level we are on. It is high but it’s helping.

He was very straight talking and was clear we are at the beginning of a life long journey.

I also spoke to him about diet and exercise. Exercise he said is going to be trial and error thing and sadly more a case of walking instead of hard core gym workouts.

Diet, he said carry on the way I am abd he would be very wary of me going on the tablets to help me lose weight. So have yet more thinking to do.

Anyway time to enjoy my weekend đŸ˜€