So am sat with bruises up my legs and swollen ankles. As usual my attitude of ‘the pain is better I am cured’ has come back to bite me on the arse. I miss my bright blue crutches that are stood against my lounge wall. I just end up feeling like a rubbish wife and mum when I can’t keep up and get snappy with the pain.

I was going to start weaning myself off my oxycodone last week until the migraines got really bad. Now really glad I didn’t as am in agony again and definitely need them. I think it might be best to go day to day with meds and not make plans.

In fact that seems to be the plan with my entire life at the minute grr. Its not how I like to live. Although have an appointment Monday morning to discuss of can go ahead with the sterilisation so no more little dodsworths. Not sure I am well enough yet.

On the plus side no migraines since Friday. Please say the beta blockers are working.

On the family front they have been fab…Jess wants to be like me and has started her first blog tonight bless her. And despite Finley hating change and no routine we are starting to become dab hands at this child on the autistic spectrum thing and had no melt downs today and went to bed fine. Our biggest callenge this weekend was spending an entire week convincing him that it was ok to not wear school uniform on Friday at school as it was non uniform day for Bradford City Fire with proceeds going to the burns unit. Sadly Rob did both school runs and claims I didn’t tell him so neither children donated. Hmm…….no comment. He is sat next to me right now watching football and doesn’t seem to have noticed I am slagging him off 😉 I think this weekend is exactly what I needed.

Although broke my bloody diet. Only one meal tonight so think in the bigger picture I have done great. The rest of the time I have stuck to it. Just need to get back to slimming world on Thursday. Luckily we never go away so no fear of this happening again ha.

Anyway bed time. After agony in the railway museum I have agony in the Yorvik Viking Centre to look forward to ha.