Am back home and honestly am relieved. I had a fabulous time and am incredibly lucky to have wonderful children who were a pleasure to be with but….

I am exhausted. It’s hard to get my head around the fact I am 34 (well 35 in a few hours) yet a weekend away means a week to recover. My ankles are twice the size they should be, my wrists are swollen, my head is spinning and am dizzy, have fallen asleep once and am about to go to bed. At 8pm!!!!

My 8 year old is staying up later than me.

My consultant on Friday did say the fatigue can be the hardest thing to handle and get used to. He said due to the inflammation levels in my body me being awake for a day takes the same effort as a normal person staying awake for 3 days. Not even thinking about what my night shifts do to me ha.
Well my diet went ok. Wasn’t out of control and did no binge eating so really happy with that. But just want to see a loss at some point. No chance this week but maybe next week. Just need to move on from my meltdown last week. Already told rob I don’t want a cake tomorrow. Going to make myself a slimming world one. There is no way I am getting on my trampoline any time soon as just standing is hurting.

Urgh this is a miserable one. Just rubbish finding a lovely weekend away takes so much out of me.

Looked into joining rock choir earlier. Just something for me. But could only attend every other week with work and….it’s £25 a month. £25!!!!!!! Bit harsh to sing a little. Might keep thinking ha. Need a hobby, obviously nothing physical. I still want to do St John’s ambulance volunteer. Just concerned I would receive more first aid than I actually give ha.

Hmm think this might be referred to as over thinking. And this is why I need a blog……. X