Telling people about all this has been really tough. Especially for someone like me who is far too concerned with what other people think of me. I am worried people think am lazy, or dramatic etc.

Had a day completely on crutches thanks to my right ankle. The bones are starting to deform now due to the inflammation. Eventually it will have the same surgery as was done on my shoulder a few months back. That will help the calcification pain but not fix the permanent damage. The last xrays showed the bones are twisting. Same in my left but not as bad. I also have inflammation in 3 vertebrae. That puts pressure on my nerves and causes shooting pains down my legs.

On the plus side….dare I say it……no migraines since Friday. Am so relieved. Just wish the tiredness would ease a bit. Fell asleep this afternoon. So unlike me, have always loved my sleep on a night but have never fallen asleep during the day.

Did have a positive doctors appointment today though discussing treatment plans.

Rob is home on holiday all week and am so happy. Wish he could work less hours and be home more. The fact he can never take time off causes a lot of tension between us. No matter how ill I am or if I have surgery or even if the kids are in hospital or he is ill himself he isn’t ever allowed time off work. Well obviously by law he is. But his boss just gives him hell and just adds to all the stress we feel.

So today I was 35 yay. Had a lovely day. Went out for tea with rob while mum had kids. Finley off nursery tomorrow so sneaking to soft play with my friend and her children. If jess finds out there will be hell to pay ha. There are some advantages to a child with a communication impairment ha ha. Then Finley has full day trip Wednesday. Tempted to spend birthday money on our bedroom paint and crack on to get it finished. Sadly seem to spend more and more time in bed so want it looking nice and finished.

So mixed blog today. Don’t just want to witter on about being ill constantly.

Laid in bed watching benefits street, definitely my guilty pleasure ha. Rob won’t watch it with me. Watching lives that are so different from mine fascinate me. Same with The Only Way is Essex. Rich people spending mummy and daddy’s money ha.

Anyway sleep time.