I am practically drinking anbesol liquid. It’s left over from Finley teething. Just stood in front of the mirror counting ulcers (attractive I know ha) and I have 9 on one side and 4 on the other. Eating and drinking is now really hurting. Although you would think that would stop me…..Umm…….

But I am back at slimming world and back on plan tomorrow. Can no longer wallow in depression about this. This bloody disease is taking everything away from me, so I want to look good while it does it ha. I am going to do all my measurements tomorrow as with steroid therapy there is a good chance I will swell and the scales won’t go my way. So tomorrow is day one again. I have the food, will power is lacking but determined to try. Want to try using my mini trampoline again but not sure I dare. Been on crutches 3 days so hopefully ankles will be better for work on Friday.

Ooh Finley had his first school trip today. First full day to a farm. It’s so hard to let go of any 3 year old but when your little one has extra problems it’s so hard. I had a little cry this morning when he went.

Oh my aim to not nap today…….huge fail. Slept most of the day oops.

Rob staying home tonight instead of doing podcast. I really want to stay awake and watch a film with him. Feel like a terrible wife at the minute. Have no energy. Wonder if there is anything natural to boost energy. I saw one at Holland and Barratt but it can cause migraines so should maybe rethink ha.