A new subject!

So I have a new subject to bore my whole 3 readers with (including my mum ha).

Slimming World……So am quite private about my weight. Not entirely sure why. Its not like I can wear clothes that are that flattering I can convince people I am 10 stone. But it does often amuse me when I do venture into plus size shops and see the worlds smallest hotpants in a size 32. Now even I aren’t that size. But I don’t like to see that much of my own body so why on earth would I subject the poor innocent unsuspecting public to it. In fact it could be used as a weapon in war, me and loads of other larger ladies in hotpants.

So the last few weeks I can’t deny I haven’t been myself and have been really down about everything. So the so called diet went to pot. I honestly couldn’t be bothered. I did 2 weeks at slimming world then became really fed up and really ill and have missed 2 weeks due to illness but have never actually been on plan during that time. I was quite happy wallowing in self pity on my sofa surrounded by chocolate.

Ok so maybe not happy wallowing but its all I was prepared to do. Now its time to fight this stupid disease that I didn’t ask for and didn’t want. In fact I feel like I spend a lot of time trying to convince people that this is really hard and its horrible. Only today one person told me that depression is worse. My immune system is fighting my joints, my skin and my organs. I am exhausted and ill 24/7. I HATE it so much. Then the tablets I have to take to stop this disease attacking any more of my body also does its best to destroy what it can. The treatment is taking what is left of my health, my hair, my ability to eat without the agony of 15 mouth ulcers etc. So I certainly aren’t saying its worse than depression or any other illness. But a little bit of consideration for what I am going through would be nice. Especially seen as I do my very best to be there for anyone else. But I have to say in general my friends have been fantastic so if any of you do read my wittering on then thank you.

Anyway healthy eating is starting in an attempt to beat this. So I joined slimming world at 18 stone 5 lbs 5 weeks ago. I weighed in today at 18 stone 4.5 lbs. Hmm that could definitely be classed as a huge fail. Ooops. Our slimming world leader normally asks if there is anything that will get in our way of a good result the week after. Well for once…..no. There isn’t, and nothing will get in the way. I am going to strap my ankles up in the morning and make an attempt on the mini trampoline. I want to get on with some strengthening exercises too. Maybe if I can help the muscles It will help the joints. I have faced facts I can’t do proper workouts but I can do something.

So I have committed on here that I will stick to it……no pressure ha


3 thoughts on “A new subject!

  1. you can do it if its only the diet you do as slimming world says exercise does not always show on your weight its more for toning up so if you cannot do the exercise do not stress about it as you exercise daily with 2 kids and a job you are not sat down all day even on bad days you still have school runs shopping and little man to keep you on the move xx

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