After 2 weeks off just done first 2 night shifts back. Long and painful but they are done. Actually think they have helped the fatigue. Was away from 5am Friday until 10am Saturday, had 3 hours sleep yesterday and had 2 today and despite being laid in bed for the last hour I am still awake. I don’t actually feel as exhausted as I have done for the last couple of weeks. Just hoping after a full nights sleep the fatigue doesn’t come back.

So work was good, actually glad to be back. Gives me far too much thinking time being awake so long though. Been rethinking gym, zumba, walking, cycling, air walker and a few more things. All this was in an hour. Still none the wiser.

The other thing on my mind was friends. Am in a very lucky position to have some great friends who have been wonderful over the last few months. I am just concentrating on those that are positive and it’s so important that it’s natural and comfortable.

Ooh slimming world… on it. 2 whole days. I can’t help but be slightly bitter that I aren’t a size 8 yet. I am genuinely struggling with eating and drinking enough.

Oh I have a fab new symptom. Apparently it’s normal……brilliant. Being unable to control body temperature so I am either shivering or sweating. I feel so attractive…..not.

Umm anything else…..just finished Peter Kay’s Car Share. Amazing. Loved it.

I think that’s it for today. I suppose I should consider sleep as want to go out and enjoy the bank holiday tomorrow.