So work was great, new tablets with slow release are so much better. Didn’t have to overdose on tablets and was in very little pain yay. Had a few hours sleep this morning then went to watch San Andreas at the cinema with rob. Admittedly 3d cinema trips with tired eyes are tough. I nearly fell asleep a few times. So while rob picked the kids up from mums I went back to bed. Woke up about an hour ago to kids in bed and tea waiting for me. Perfect 🙂

Cant believe what a difference these painkillers have made. Also don’t feel like a druggie, constantly waiting for the next hit ha. The high feeling is now a lot rarer. And I genuinely don’t miss it.

Just been watching ninja warrior. Still miss the idea that I can exercise again.  Was talking to rob and saying it was watching Jessica ennis during the Olympics that inspired me to get fit the last time. I loved it. Was training for a zombie run when first problems hit. Can’t believe what that sore shoulder led to. I was so proud. For a ‘fat lass’ I could run. I was slow but I did it. Because I have had a whole 36 hours with the pain under control am ready to join a gym and start hard core training again ha. Think I need to give it a bit longer ha.

Was googling a side effect that is bugging me yesterday. This isn’t attractive. Even when I used to train hardcore I didn’t sweat much. One of my trainers could constantly made me work harder as wasn’t sweaty. Well now my body still isn’t sweating but my face, head and neck are. All the time. I hate it. And it’s really noticeable. Mentioned it on a forum today and it’s a problem for a lot of people. No one is sure if it’s caused by the actual illness or the medications we are on. Determined I need to find a solution though as it’s making me feel even worse about myself.

Diet going ok. The lack of appetite undoubtedly helps ha. At cinema bought sweets and chocs but I had very little as genuinely wasn’t bothered.

Right that’s it, back to watching zombieland ha.