Bloody Facebook

So we have had some horrible family news today. This blog is about me so not sharing it on here but it has reminded me the world is not about me. Also I have seen the inaccuracy of the press and single minded views of people.

But seen as this is about me…..!

Actually a family member on Facebook is annoying me. Her constant motivational speech’s about diet and exercise. She talks like it’s so black and white. Exercise is good, no matter what. Well guess what….it isn’t. My bones are so weak at the minute they will snap with high impact. But I am excited to try aqua running on Monday. I am working Sunday night. So asked my mum to have the kids for a few hours after school Monday so can get some more sleep before I go. Pain is mainly my left achilles tendon and knee today.

Pain killers have been increased again but come off the beta blockers for the migraines. Hoping they will stay away without them. They were lowering my blood pressure too much and making me dizzy.

Went to see the bodyguard musical last night. Felt a little bad as it was chemo day and I was a little down and the dizzyness was still bad. It was fab though. Alexandra Burke was the lead but was poorly so replaced at the interval with her understudy zoe birkett. Why in my opinion was better. I think her enthusiasm for being the lead and her being excited by it really shone through. Has made me more determined to get to the theatre more but I missed Jessie so she is definitely coming too in future. I am one of those pathetic mum’s that miss my kids constantly.

Indulging in teen mom catch up. It’s one of my guilty pleasures ha.


5 thoughts on “Bloody Facebook

  1. I avoid Facebook at the moment, I haven’t done a big leaving thing, those are odd. But I carefully chose a last post about enjoying the quiet life a few weeks ago and haven’t posted since. I don’t hate it or anything but I’m struggling health wise so much right now that I decided to not do anything unless it either gave me some benefit or brought me joy. Facebook did neither.

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      1. Maybe install the group app on a phone or tablet to stay in touch with the supportive peeps and that way you can avoid all the irritating news feed stuff?

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      2. Yeah it’s awesome, Im in a couple of autoimmune groups I find hugely helpful but can’t be arsed with newsfeed succubus

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