It requires a title for every blog and can’t think of one for this.

Another quiet poorly day. Same places as yesterday for pain. Think I might have to accept more pain relief. Am a little sick of being fuzzy and dizzy with the pain relief though so a little reluctant to increase again. I slept again during the morning despite not getting up til 9.30. I feel lazy, and guilty, and like a fraud. I get the impression most people think this is the same as everyone’s aches, pain and tiredness. My consultant said my blood tests indicate my fatigue is the equivalent of being awake for 2 days straight.  It feels so wrong saying I hurt too much, or that I can’t do something. I haven’t cancelled on anything or admitted when things get too much. I just aren’t ready to do these things. I know I will have to soon and have admitted defeat I slightly work.

I still have moments when I think I need to change careers. I love my job but I am getting to a point where I will be needing a carer. The consultant is not even able to tell me if this will ever be under control. If not I need to start facing a life of being disabled.