Ok so I really need a break now. On top of chemo day also have tonsillitis. Am in agony. And cant eat so first week at new slimming world not exactly going to plan.

Absolutely exhausted, slept when Finley at nursery and been asleep tonight already. The doctor advised two days bed rest. I get really bitter that I can’t do that. Even the bed rest I have had since rob got home I have ended up feeling guilty. I had to miss a meeting for jess’s brownie camp and rob had to go instead which made me feel rubbish and now he has just pointed out he has had no tea as he hasn’t had time. When he has worked all day he should be able to have some tea. And despite the fact I need to rest o constantly feel guilty.

Have the consultant tomorrow morning which I need given how badly I am doing. I am wearing my supports all the time and using crutches a lot. I can’t afford not to work so I need to get this sorted. Hmm definitely a bad day.