So after not sleeping last night I had to get rob to arrange to go into work late so I could go to the doctors this morning. This always causes friction as his work is horrible about it. He doesn’t mean to but I end up feeling like a nuisance. So I went to the doctors and she tried to admit me to hospital which I fought. Turns out when you are on chemo you don’t just get tonsillitis, it has spread to my ears, glands, chest and roof of my mouth. I am so ill. Only way I could get out of being admitted to hospital for a few days was promising bed rest at home. Did have to go to the hospital and they gave me steroid injections, antibiotic injections and iv paracetamol to get my temperature down. Had another fight not to be admitted. I won. But it did mean rob had to take a day off work which surprisingly didn’t cause an argument.

Also gutted as helped my friend arrange a surprise party for her husband tonight which is frankly my only bit of partying in years but I am stuck on bed rest and rob is stuck looking after me. The few times I have left bed to go to the toilet I feel like I am going to faint. Which I managed to actually do in the waiting room at the doctors.

One good thing. I am looking into joining the choir attached to jess’s performing arts. Just working out if I can do it with work. But it is a good hobby as I don’t need to be well. Thank god ha.

Anyway my eyes are all over so that’s enough for today.