First day back out of bed and should be happy but have mixed feelings. Obviously the tonsillitis is definitely improving. As are the other infections. So that’s great but the bad mum and wife guilt has hit. Fathers day was yesterday and had been too ill to get my husband cards. Luckily the kids are creative ha. Then I couldn’t see my dad as spent all day in bed. Then tonight am back in bed early when feel like I haven’t seen or spent any time with my husband but am in work tomorrow so really need to get better. Then I feel like I snap at friends too much or ask too much of them by wanting to talk too much. Hence the blog.

So that’s the guilt part.

So I woke up today and the house was just a nightmare by my standards. When I normally do the house work it’s hard to let it go. So I went shopping as has no food and blitzed the downstairs. Then obviously as I am still very ill ended up exhausted.

Have managed to reduce another tablet. Although the doctor doesn’t know yet ha. I just want to reduce to pain relief and chemo. I feel like constantly taking tables to treat effects from tablets.

Ooh one positive… chemo Thursday as will still be on antibiotics. I really want to use this week to get on track with slimming world. I think having no chemo gives me a really good opportunity to do this.

So a mixed blog tonight, my head is a little all over the place. Sleep time.