So back on the chemo after a lovely break. Am exhausted, feel rubbish, got an itchy rash all over my body and tired. I missed all this so much ha.

Really struggling with pain. My ankles, knees, ankles, back and jaw are agony. Splints and crutches not helping the situation. Looking forward to consultant on the 24th. Plus headaches and dizziness are back.

Am so sick of being ill.

On the plus side I went swimming yay. It was amazing. My only pain was back and knee and managed 38 lengths so really happy. Really wanted to go tonight but no chance with how I am feeling. Desperate to get there this weekend though.

Ooh been looking at a family day out. I want go to a trampoline park. Surely I could do that. So trying to think positive.

Urm something not so positive, I will never be slim. I can’t get back on this diet for anything. Another try tomorrow ha.