So my wheelchair arrives tomorrow and am so excited to be able to have family days out again. I can’t wait for my next consultant appointment on the 24th. Currently have deformities on my feet, ankles, achilles tendons, wrists and fingers. My pain levels are so high. And can only use my crutches so long before my wrists, elbows and shoulders are suffering. I know my doctors want me to sort out disability payments so I need to crack on. I do know that all this just means my chemo will be increased further which I aren’t looking forward to but at least am used to the side effects now and seem to have finally embraced my short hair.

A lot happier after frankly marriage crisis talks. My husband is great but has accepted I need him to get another job that is more flexible and need more help around the house and the last rew days have been great.

I also have motivation to get back on my diet finally. If people need to push me around I need to weigh less ha. So tomorrow morning is weigh in and no more messing around now.