After several tantrums it is finally here. First one arrived which was the ex demo one I bought. It was the wrong size which made me want to cry!! Actually I did. I was upset as well as I knew it was the only one they had as ex demo and I couldn’t afford one new.

But the company were amazing. They arranged to send a brand new one for no extra money for delivery the next day. So I was very happy until…..

I missed the delivery……came at 3pm when on the school run. So I cried again and was very over dramatic.

Well it finally arrived today and it’s amazing. I can’t believe how excited I am about a wheelchair but I really am. It just gives me some freedom back. I can probably walk around for 2 hours at a push. I miss going to shopping centres and days out with the kids. I am hoping my inflammation will reduce but until then I can do the things I want.

I have decided to pursue applying for disability benefits but am still eager yo work and genuinely love my job. I need you update my manager about health though. Always really anxious that she won’t want me there or lose my job due to health problems. I emailed her Wednesday about going in to see her but not heard anything. I know she is incredibly busy but just feel a little anxious about it. By strapping up my ankles and knees I am getting through my shifts but am struggling. And I want to explain that using the crutches and a wheelchair outside of work doesn’t mean I can’t walk. It means walking is agony.

Saying that my wrists are so swollen and painful today I have barely been able to use the crutches.

Jess goes on her first brownie camp tomorrow. Two full nights away. I am going to find it so hard. But it looks like she will have so much fun.

Ooh and lastly I am going out to a pub that doesn’t serve carvery and have s children’s play area. Was at my friends today and we were trying to talk among the children disturbing us and frankly got no where so decided to go for a drink. Now we have been friends a long time but don’t we have been out drinking since 2006. Obviously I can’t drink and she doesn’t want to but am excited about a couple of hours of catching up with hearing ‘muuuuum’!