Pain pain pain

Just posted on a Facebook group I use. Need some ideas for pain relief. Am struggling. Using crutches is agony at the minute as my wrists are swollen. I am on Etoricoxib, oxycodone and have piroxicam gel but just not enough. I am liking not having constant highs and feeling woozy all the time though. Going to ring gp Monday then have consultant Friday.

Finley also has his diagnosis panel this week. Cant find the letter though. I need to search. Hopefully once this is done we can all move forward.

I need to find time to go swimming. Got next week off work yay. But the kids are off for 7 weeks now. It’s going to be tough. Especially with my pain levels and mobility as they are.

Had a very stressful week with work as well. Just makes me think again if I should be giving up. Still can’t bring myself to get the disability forms.

My week off can’t have been better timed. Think I need some fun.


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