New supports yay

Ridiculous how excited I am. Now have proper ankle and wrist splints that completely immobilise them. More excitedly they are black. No bright blue supports. 



On another note had Finleys diagnosis panel today. Found it really hard and left in tears and now dreading the results in 3 weeks. I just didn’t feel I managed to get some points across. It was a horrible experience having my son and me judged anyway. People think they understand when they have no clue how horrible it is. No matter how close they are to him they do not live with him and they are not his mum. They have no idea. And I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. Basically in three weeks I get an idea what kind of future my 3 year old has. I am very happy that they did recognise he isn’t speaking through not trying but cant physically get the words out. Well fingers crossed it was more successful than I thought.


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