Saw my consultant yesterday and was good I suppose. He is fab and really tries to help. He said my pain levels are to be expected as my blood tests show severe inflammation throughout my body. He said I need to rest as much as possible, use crutches for short distances and wheelchair for longer. He said to just see how work goes. I am hoping with pain relief and supports I will still manage to do my two nights a week. I am determined not to give in. I had a high dose steroid injection and it’s starting to kick in. This the least pain I have been in since I had the last one 4 months ago. Sadly experience tells me this only last one or two weeks.
Going to join a gym for the swimming pool tomorrow. Not allowed to use the gym but need to swim. Just losing all my strength and fitness. And I think it will help me refocus on slimming world if I am doing exercise. Going tomorrow but taking kids so not a lot of exercise apart from my mouth shouting at the kids ha. But it’s a start ha.

Starting to get on top of other things. The cars have been a disaster. Mine is fixed but has its mot Monday which after just spending £350 on it no doubt it will fail and make me cry again. Robs has had to go to car heaven. We have bought a new one today. It’s a cheap run around which is the best we can do at the moment. Money really is evil. I listen to people discussing which expensive car to get next or their expensive plans for the house when we are trying to just keep our old bangers going and just doing the bare essentials to stop the house falling down ha.