Finally feel like I am finding myself a little. Had a rough week as had labyrinthitis thanks to no immune system. Struggled, with vision, dizzyness and sickness. Oh and energy but finally feeling better. And my steroid injection is still working which is exciting. I am in pain on a morning but that’s it.

Had two positive ideas though. Firstly I want to start dancing again. More specifically burlesque. I think it will help my confidence and boost me a lot.

So was thinking I need to pay for it and got very excited about an idea for a little business for me that I will love and am really passionate about. Started drawing up ideas and so excited. It’s exactly what I need.

I think I am now thinking of concentrating on these instead of the degree. I need something for me and something that I will enjoy. If this doesn’t work out i can start the degree later. But I am really excited and positive for once. I will update on here when ready to reveal it all 🙂