So we are going to Blackpool air show tomorrow and I know I can’t manage it all day. Will give it a good go but the wheelchair is going on its first day out.

Also applied for blue badge today and have a gp appointment next week to get my paperwork to apply for disability.

I need to reduce my hours at work. My hands are now struggling to hold a pen. I cant walk and feel like I am putting on my colleagues. When I got home today I couldn’t even get up to the bedroom. Was tempted to sleep on the sofa. I am just making myself worse. Plus work is really stressful at the minute with no appreciation which doesn’t help. I love my job and would definitely want to stay casual and earning some money.

Am also really eager to spend time developing the medic alert bracelets I want to make. Am working Monday and Saturday night this week so have a bit of free time to start sorting designs and sourcing the materials. Again it’s a way of earning money and just having something else if I aren’t well enough to work.

So they are my main focuses, actually registering as disabled. I think ultimately once its all done. It will just be a relief.