Am laid in bed on my husbands first day of holiday so fed up I could cry. So we went to the air show at Blackpool yesterday. We hadn’t anticipated how busy it would be and couldn’t get into Blackpool and then couldn’t park. So pretty much missed it. Then I was at loggerheads with my mum for the first half.

I hate how my life is heading and I just don’t need to hear advice from people who have no clue. Particularly when it comes to my son who has special needs. He was in sensory meltdown yesterday. I was in meltdown as was in my wheelchair for the first time. And then unhelpful comments are made and I lose it. I just wanted to go home.

We did have a chat and me are rob have agreed days out are too much. I tried to help drive on the way home. I lasted about 20 mins and then the Dizziness got to me and I was scared. My kids were in the car. So we had to pull onto the hard shoulder and switch drivers.

I just feel so useless. I walked as much as I could. But when I walked everyone had to slow down for me. Then when I did walk rob had to push me.

So we got home late and I collapsed into bed. Slept for 9 hours. Have been up, had breakfast and now am so exhausted and in pain everywhere I am back in bed. Very aware I am working tonight.

I just want to be well again……I hate this.