Urgh applying for PIP (disability) is a nightmare. Have worked since I was 16. Had a week off work now. Was hoping it would help but honestly feel like I am getting worse. Feeling a little like at the bottom of a deep hole with no way of getting out. Found a charity that will help with my application. It’s just a minefield of problems.

Have an appointment with the gp which was a huge fight, have an appointment with consultant and also arranged an appointment with occupational therapy about additional aids at home.

So it was a good day for achieving things but the anxiety this is causing me is huge.

Been in bed since 6 which is pretty much the same as every day at the minute. Ankles feel like they are going to snap. Managed to hold a pen today which was a bonus as could dial numbers and write things down. It led to a productive day. So have achieved a productive day. Need to manage a positive day now.