Small progress

Contacted everyone I need to about the disability application and arranging an appointment tomorrow with the legal charity that are handling the claim. Got a copy of a letter from my consultant this morning and was perfect, listing everything I needed. So sent that to the blue badge people who are frankly arses. So still not expecting my badge.

Had Finleys final diagnosis appointment today. Exactly as we suspected. A severe language impairment. Likely to be life long and the consultant felt he might be better placed in a language unit special needs school. But time will tell where he needs to be. It’s one less stress.

Next issue is…..bedrooms. Occupational health are coming to fit rails and things that will help soon but we need to deal with the fact that not only do I have to drag myself up stairs to get to bed, I have to drag myself up two flights. So we need to move all the bedrooms around. I just can’t be bothered. It’s going to be so hard for Rob and frustrating for me. I cant even hold a pen and using voice recognition on my phone to write these so no way I can paint. So that’s a stress to add. I would be happier on the next floor down as well as would feel even when resting on the bed I would be more part of the family.


One thought on “Small progress

  1. was waiting for you to let me know did not ask in case you was not happy with what they had said but as expected just hoping that fin will cope with things as he grows up with no special schools as he seems to want to stay mainstream at the mo but only time will tell he is a very get up and have a go little boy and nothing seems to stand in his way


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