But quite a lot to report. Am in the new bedroom and loving it. Life is so much easier. Although I seem to be spending more time than ever in bed. Bought a chromecast for the TV in the bedroom which has been amazing. But I am sleeping a lot. Way more than before. Not feeling great either.

Consultants most recent letter now states confirmed diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis but also fibromyalgia and Ankylosing Spondylitis. I feel like I am falling apart. The application is now in for disability and a wonderful friend paid for a lawyer to help me. Also have a medical coming up for a Blue Badge. After being turned down initially I contacted the local mp who over turned it and now have an independent medical. Also have a made to measure wheelchair coming in the next two weeks.

Also in my second month of sick leave. Handed in second sick note on Thursday. Don’t feel missed at all by my manager and she advised she is advertising my position temporarily. I miss my colleagues a huge amount though and am glad they all keep in touch to remind me they miss me. I appreciate it.

Today we caught up with friends which was great after not seeing them since before I became sick. We all used to be really close but lives have just drifted apart. Honestly it was humiliating. I couldn’t even stand without my crutches and Rob had to help me with everything. Including putting my shoes on. And the whole time I was tired and dizzy. Being this ill certainly doesn’t give you much of a social life. I only seem to really have two friends who I still enjoy spending time with. Friends who I talk to about other things. Not just this. The other week someone made me feel crap, just questioning everything. How I will cope with stairs, school runs, driving etc etc I DON’T KNOW SO STOP QUESTIONING ME LIKE I AM MAKING THIS UP. All I can do is take one day at a time and battle every hurdle when it happens. I never asked for this.

A friend took to to ikea last weekend and I strapped ankles up and because it was a good day I managed with no crutches. I was in agony but I managed. He wasn’t happy that I left them in the car but it felt good. I felt normal. In excruciating agony but normal. Might not try it again though ha.

Any other trip is in the wheelchair. Looking at ways to make it easier. Discovered power strollers so it’s on my wish list. It powers the wheelchair but you still steer yourself. Looks like a good compromise as can’t afford electric yet and have to jump through 7000 hoops to get one paid for.

I did use the mobility scooter in morrisons today. It was awesome. Makes me annoyed I have been stubborn and not bothered before as shopping was a pleasure and quick without my struggling with my crutches. Got a little card to show anytime I want to use one.

Ooh we went to legoland in Manchester the other week. Because I was in the wheelchair we got queue jump which the kids absolutely loved.

Have started painting my nails seen ad worked in healthcare for so long I haven’t been able to do it. I am really bad at it but getting better ha. But today when I laid my hand out I noticed my little finger is twisting. My little toes have done the same. The doctors said they will but still not nice to face it happening.


Anyway time to get back to watching TV in bed, my favourite past time now.