Having a good day. Got new crutches. Seems silly to be excited but they are so much better as no longer hurts my hands. They were tricky to get the hang of but think I have got it now.

Been do fed up and lovely this week. Sick of making an effort sometimes. I try to contact all my friends and support them and make conversation etc but sometimes don’t feel like I get that back. So time to do things for me. Had started swimming but can’t always physically do it. Not been for a few weeks.

So starting rock choir. I am so excited. I can’t wait. Get to meet new people and do what I love.

Got a busy week next week. Two appointments for finley and two appointments for me. I have one day off and that is slimming world so really no rest next week. I an going to really struggle as my fatigue at the moment is terrible. I wouldn’t mind if it was just tiredness. But it’s dizziness, numb limbs, pins and needles, poor vision, headaches and general weakness. I never understood fatigue until I experienced it. I used to be awake for 50 hours straight and still never felt as fatigued as I do now. Obviously chemo days cause more fatigue on Thursdays and Fridays too.

But no matter how I feel I am going to rock choir next week and forgetting all of this for 2 hours.