Had a blood test at 8.20. As if getting the kids ready for school isn’t bad enough. I love additional pressure on a morning ha.

Thought I would let people know the blood tests making me so ill.

So firstly the one which indicates how bad the psoriatic arthritis is. This should be between 1 and 3, mine is currently 14.7. Anything above 10 is classed as serious and needs to be lowered immediately. Mine has been this high since February so clearly my body doesn’t want to follow the rules.

Second one is my liver results. This should be below 50, mine is 114. This is new as last months was normal.

The problem now is to treat the first figure it will increase the second figure. The likelihood is that chemo drugs will be reduced and biologic drugs will be added. These are delivered to me and my consultant needs to apply for separate funding as they are very expensive. They are also all injectable and my chemo is also becoming injectable so I will be stabbing myself with needles several times a week in an attempt to improve things.

Had rock choir last night and just doing that has left me exhausted today. Taking the kids to my friends after school so we can have a catch up and they can play with her little girl. Looking forward to it. Nice to have some normality and she is a wonderful friend who has supported me through every step of this and reads this so it’s another way of saying thank you ❤