So yesterday was a good day. Firstly received a phone call from the ot therapist. They are coming out on Tuesday to assess the home for adaptations. So happy. I am in so much pain at the minute. I refuse to increase my pain relief anymore. I am already on hard core pain relief so if I increase anymore I am just going to become a zombie. So looking forward to the solutions for the stairs.

Second thing. Had my first weigh in. 6lbs off. Very happy. And very focused. I want 4 off this week and at least 2 stone for Christmas. Got the slow cooker on with chicken and loads of veg. Thanks to my hands being so bad I can’t cut veg. So use frozen. For lunch am having loads of veg with some slimming world meatballs and had some Hifi Bars and strawberries for breakfast. I do really want to try done butternut squash chips in the air fryer but no way I can chop them. But Rob has said he will do it this weekend so I can give them a try.

My bad thing is a poorly little boy


Took him to the doctors yesterday as he has had diarrhoea for three weeks. He has a history of lactose intolerance so as the doctor can’t find anything wrong she said to look at changing his diet again. Last night he started with a temp and he is so poorly. He has not moved off the sofa and is having paracetamol and nurofen and is still a little hot water bottle. Hate seeing either of the kids ill.