Had two poorly children who have shared their germs with me urgh. Feel rubbish. Not a huge amount to report. Got my blue badge and used for first time today. In fairness I was struggling to walk. Am in huge amounts of pain and really struggling. Imagine it’s connected to me having a cold. Anxious for us all to gave flu jabs but everyone is poorly.

Got another sick note. Work have now referred me for an assessment to see if I will ever go back. I think we all know I won’t but don’t want to lose my ssp yet. I do have my pip assessment on the 26th. Am so scared as you hear so many horror stories. Currently working on an impact statement to submit along with other new evidence.

Had a far better occupational therapy assessment at home this time. Building team coming soon to try and sort some bits and will reassess after that.

Started my little Avon empire this weekend ha. Not planning on making  much money. Would like to earn my slimming world membership money. Ooh that is going well. 6lbs first week and 4lbs the second. Have never been this focused. I joined the social team as well so took all the payments on Tuesday. It means I can’t not go. So it works well.

Had looked into working as a travel agent from home this week. But it’s way too many years since I did it. And I think I am being too ambitious. So back to my jewellery making idea. Been costing up set up fees today and can set up for about £200 so as soon as we get pip money we are due I am getting it set up. Hopefully if we get the disability payments I won’t need to make much money but am too scared to even dream I will get it.