So the thing I am trying to control, my weight, has now turned against me. And despite sticking to plan I gained two pounds. I know I am really poorly at the minute, my period was due and my swelling is terrible but I need something good. Just one thing.

I have my disability assessment for pip next Monday and am terrified. It’s the difference between having the financial freedom to focus on my health and the stress of living on a financial cliff constantly. I am trying to prepare and doing impact statements but am so scared.

Saw my consultant on Friday and wasn’t very positive. He said I aren’t responding to any treatment and the disease is still very aggressive and he is now looking into other things. I am booked for some contrast scans and surgery on my shoulder again. It is only 6 months since but it’s apparently normal it needs doing again after 6 months. Doesn’t seem very normal to me, someone who had never had surgery before and was never ill. I go from rarely being ill to having two chronic, incurable diseases. The diagnosis of fibromyalgia is now official on my records so now the consultant needs to work out if the fibromyalgia is stopping treatment slowing down the psoriatic arthritis. So more tests and more waiting…..