So my weight stayed the same this week. Really disappointed. Spoke to my gp who has said on my next blood tests they will check thyroid and a few other bits. This disease it appears can affect a few other things as well. She also said my body is being attacked by two aggressive untreatable conditions so isn’t surprised I am struggling to lose weight. Made me feel no better at all. I wondered why doctors had stopped moaning at me about my weight. It’s because they are unsure I can lose weight. They are going to try and find out what’s stopping me though.

The one plus side is my new Avon hobby (can’t really call a business as only made £10 this time ha) means I have access to make up to cover how ill I look. In fact I have a sample moisturiser on now and it’s amazing. Scared to look at the price though ha. I need a very decent foundation. This is what my eyes look like with no make up…….


Oh in fact I do have make up on there. Definitely need new.

Oh got another lovely problem to add to my health. I now have psoriatic nails. Oh joy. It’s only just started but can make your nails fall off. It starts like this…..


Ooh a good thing. The council have been to start changes to the house. So far they have……put some extra rails on the stairs ha. Coming next week to do some more then a contractor will be coming to put rails outside. Ooh and excited I get my new made to measure wheelchair on Wednesday. Still on waiting list for electric one which could take forever.

Got my disability assessment for PIP on Monday morning. Am honestly petrified. It just means so much to us and am scared I will get turned down. I know it’s very likely I will and is the norm but just aren’t sure I have the energy for an appeal. I am just exhausted constantly. I was stood in the lounge on Monday night and fainted. Rob has to help me to bed. It’s horrible how much he has to help me. Anyway best go to bed. Am sure I will be back on Monday to report how horrible my assessment goes.