I know it has been a huge time since I last updated so sorry. I normally use my phone but I had so much to write and its rare I ever get near the laptop. So finally sat down ready to update. My daughter is at school, hence why I have the laptop and my son is happily watching ben 10.

So my last update was about my assessment for PIP. I was so scared as it is life changing receiving that money. I kept ringing to ask if a decision had been made and eventually I got an answer 2 weeks after the assessment.  I received enhanced on both. I just sat and cried with relief. No more money worries and I don’t have to worry about working for a bit. I feel like the new year is going to be a fresh start.

Literally the day we found out I had got it we also found out the car my husband bought had been badly damaged in an accident and needed returning to where we had bought it. So we returned it and now that I am entitled to a mobility car we decided to manage with one car for a few weeks. We did it for 2 weeks and it was tough. Very hard for everyone. We were getting up early to take Jessica to breakfast club then me and Finley would spend over an hour in the car. Then on a night the kids had an hour at home after school then another hour in the car to pick Rob up. Finley kept falling asleep in the car too which was a nightmare as he has a sleep disorder and needs routine so he was getting more and more tired. Thankfully my inlaws have offered us their car for a week so we have a week of normality and fingers crossed my new car might be here this week.

I have picked a Ford B max. It is the right height for me getting in, is automatic and has an adaptation to the steering wheel to help when my hands are bad. I have never even driven a brand new car so can’t believe I am getting one.

I am still getting good and bad days. Yesterday was a good one. Am trying to cut down on my pain relief as I aren’t convinced it is helping anymore. Joy of opiates is that you get immune to them. My mood is definitely better. Not sure if that is a combination of money worries being alleviated or the tablets I am on. They help me sleep on a night so I aren’t as sleep deprived anymore. We got back pay for the PIP as well so have bought a mobility scooter. Only arrived yesterday so only been tried in the house but I can’t wait. It means I can take the kids to the park without my husband. Its something we rarely did this summer and it isn’t fair on them. Also got a bag for the back that will hold my crutches so if I can’t take the scooter into a shop I can use my crutches. It will be safer for the general public as well as when Rob is pushing my wheelchair people near by are lucky if their ankles aren’t a victim of his poor wheelchair driving skills.

Made a start on christmas shopping. I can’t wait. My first christmas where I haven’t worked in 8 years. I don’t think Finley has been old enough to notice I worked, but Jessica certainly has and is really attached to me being at home for now. So that is definitely the plan for the foreseeable future. For an 8 year old she has a lot on her mind. I know she is worried about me, Finley has special needs and communication problems and normally his frustrations are aimed at her and then she is having problems at school. She is very sensitive and gets upset easily. Sadly some of the other kids in her class have figured that out and aren’t very nice to her. I am working with the school though to try and build her confidence a bit.

So thats everything, good news for once ha.

Thank you for reading, especially seen as it is so long this time ha.