Sometimes I don’t understand how I am meant to function with this shitty disease. Both ankles and knees are bad and one leg can’t weight bear at all tonight. But then my wrists, hands and shoulders are bad. Has just taken 40 horrific tear filled minutes with my husbands help to get up the stairs. Now laid in bed thank god. I have no idea how I can pay for a stair lift and to make it worse it’s a curved stair case. Certainly can’t afford to move. Then to make me feel worse my daughter just asked me to help her with something downstairs and can’t face doing that again. I think I might have to get a commode and sleep on the sofa when like this. Just to ensure I have no dignity at all.

Then I am having another problem down to the brain inflammation. My mind goes blank and I have no idea where I am or what I am doing. Nowhere is recognisable for a few minutes. Making me reluctant to drive. I know it doesn’t make it dangerous or anything but it’s horrible. Sorry it’s a moany blog tonight.

On the plus side my new car is on its way so will get it next week. I can’t wait.

And stuck to my diet today yay. Breakfast was 2 Hifi Bars, morning snack was an apple, lunch was a vegetable omelette and then tea was chicken, potatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms and spinach. I used my Syns on some biscuits I have just had. I need to get my passport to leisure from the council so I can go swimming for cheap. Hopefully might help the pain.