Well am nearly at the end of the worst year of my life. The only consistently great thing is my kids. They have been amazing in every way. Well apart from yesterday when jess directed me towards the hair dyes at the shop as the greys were showing.

So currently sat with a dye on my head.

Well I rejoined at slimming world last week as I was desperate for a fresh start. So happy cos this week I lost 3. I think I needed that line drawn under to start again. Took jess with me last night and she loved it. She helped on payments which she loved and became miss customer service. She stood up to greet someone with their card and wished everybody luck on the scales. Very proud as everyone fell in love with her and she was amazing. She also helped me in a party game as no one would take anything off her so we won two prizes ha.

So their presents are pretty much ready. Going to my sisters today and other than that we are done.

So Merry Christmas to everyone who has taken the time to read this year.

Best wash this hair dye off ha.