Always feel a bit guilty when I don’t get around to doing this when I see how many views I have had. It still amazes me that anyone is interested in reading someone’s moaning about their life completely changing and dealing with accepting the changes. It has really shown me who my friends are. And those that have proven themselves have made me feel very lucky.

I have had a rubbish few weeks of feeling terrible constantly. Psoriasis has got worse. That has always been a small part of the psoriatic arthritis for me. But it has flared on my legs. Which adds more pain to every single step. So that’s been fun.

I am in the rubbish place of do I feel this terrible because of the drugs or the illness. Long term, everything is still so up in the air.

I have done nothing as been so ill. No choir or slimming world. Hoping to be able to go next week.

I have been really fed up which is why I haven’t been on here I suppose. I am trying my best to give my kids everything but it’s so hard. Jess has just started an acrobatics class on top of brownies, performing arts and piano. Finley has just started kick boxing that he loves. It’s so hard to do everything. And then have energy for myself with this stupid illness. Have had a switch around of some medications though so really hopeful things will improve soon as well.

Seen a new trampoline gym is opening near by and they do exercise classes on a night. Really tempted to try my little trampoline at home and see if I can withstand it with my ankle and knee supports on. Last time I couldn’t but it was a while ago. I need sort out my card for swimming as well. Thanks to being disabled I can get cheap swimming. Ooh and I can get a card for the cinema so the person who comes with me is free. Technically they are my carer ha. Being disabled needs to have some benefits.

Managed to have some fun with the kids and went to an adventure playground with a jumping pillow. Actually had a go and was loads of fun. I could only do a few jumps before I felt like my ankles were going to snap but it was awesome just having normal family time. Need to do something tomorrow. It’s all I have of the weekend now. I take my methotrexate Friday night and then sleep all night and sleep all of Saturday and then Saturday night. So my weekend is sadly just one day. Feel like I need to make the best of what I have. Although the weather doesn’t make it very easy. Hated summer as my body temperature is constantly high so hot weather is 100 times worse. But am looking forward to it now. Especially as we are expecting a new addition to the family.

After a lot of discussions we have decided to adopt a dog. Have had a home check and been approved by the rescue. We have been matched to a dog already. Just waiting for everything to happen. The kids are desperate for one and I have read a ridiculous amount of studies about how they help children wirh autism. Although finley is sulking at the minute as we have been matched with a female dog and he wants a boy ha. I have only told one friend so far as I know people will be judgemental with me being so ill. But the doctor thinks it will do me good. And dogs don’t mind being walked by someone on crutches or by someone using a mobility scooter. I might be ill but we can still offer a really good home to a dog and we are all excited about expanding our family. Plus I think it will be a little companion for me on bad days. Have spoken to a lot of other dog owners with my condition so have done my research. Plus the dog we have been matched with is lovely. So just awaiting the whole adoption process. It’s something good for us all though.