Things are very similar although have probably become more ill recently and am being sick a lot more often. It’s not ‘proper’ sick though. It isn’t gut wrenching sick. It’s like you are hiccuping, I guess like reflux. But if I yawn or cough or hiccup then the contents of my stomach also come out. It’s a very common auto immune issue called Gerd I think. The doctors are also saying I probably have an auto immune bowel disorder so awaiting an endoscopy and biopsy for that. So now I have psoriatic arthritis, fibromyalgia, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Gerd, scogrens disorder and now probable colitis or crohns. 14 months ago I had no diagnosis and poorly shoulders.

Sometimes I still forget how bad I am and I’ll try to walk somewhere or do something that I simply can’t do. I am determined to start getting my life back a little. I have really struggled with being well enough to go to choir but I really need to try and go. I never regret going but I do regret staying at home poorly.

And now we have the puppy to keep us busy. Just booked her in for dog training classes starting in a few weeks.

And I need to go get my disabled person cheap swimming card. I am determined to try and help myself. It could be too painful but I want to try. I have taken a lot of professional advice about what I can and can’t do so will hopefully have something to cheer me up a little soon.