This time with the rheumatologist again. I did find out I have an achievement. I am in the worst 10% of psa sufferers in the UK with life long disabilities and deformities. Hey at least I am a high achiever at being ill. So new treatment plan starts on Tuesday. I will be doing a lot more injecting myself, oh the joys. And more delightful side effects. 

Been calorie counting for a week after dietician said no more slimming world. I need to ensure I have exactly the right amount of fat, protein and carbs or my body won’t process it properly. It’s actually going OK so far. Not weighed myself though which will be the true test if it’s actually working. Joined the gym though, obviously can’t actually use the gym. It’s purely for swimming. It’s a lovely pool though. And no restrictions on times like at the council pools plus it’s actually a lot better disabled access to the pool which is good. The gym is upstairs so another reason not to visit it ha. Although I had my first steroid infusion in a while today so hoping I will be skipping around pain free in 48 hours. The effects are meant to last 3-4 months but seen as my immune system is incredible at destroying anything good the average for me is 2 weeks. But I’ll take it. 

So not as moany today. Rob has just taken the kids pokemon hunting though which I hate. It’s just another slap in the face for disabled parents. But the kids have come back over the moon with all their pokemons so it’s nice to see them happy. Especially with all the problems finley is having. He has an ankle problem that I do which is causing him pain whenever he walks and then his recent blood tests came back deficient of vitamin d. That terrified me as it was the first sign in me that all was not well. It’s incredibly common to have low vitamin d and an autoimmune disease. So just keeping fingers crossed that things get no worse for my little man.