I love my new pretty activity tracker. Wanted one to do all the normal track sleep and steps but needed one that counted laps and strokes when swimming.  There are 3 on the market that do this so had a nightmare trying to find one that actually did what I wanted. But collected it today and love it. 

This is all part of the losing weight problem. Been back to the doctors today. We have now changed two more meds. Why do all of them have weight gain as a side effect. As if poorly people don’t have enough problems. But I changed one 3 weeks ago and lost 14lbs within 2 weeks then the weight loss has stopped again so let’s see how I go with these. 

Degree is getting closer. Officially starts on the 8th September. My finance is all sorted but waiting for my disability grant now. They tried ringing today to sort that out but I was driving so will ring them tomorrow. 

And then finally think have found some volunteer work relevant to the degree that I actually want to do. Had my interview today and am going to be a community champion for arthritis care. Very excited. I will be holding support groups and doing talks. They were really impressed that I am still trying to push my life in a positive direction despite being in the worst 10% of people with autoimmune arthritis. So I am going to have colleagues and something away from the house again yay. Just waiting to do my training. 

Rob has been home for two weeks and honestly has been rubbish. Have been in bed ill for most of it. And when I have been awake he has annoyed me ha. We have this everytime he is off. I am excited for him to be off and then when he finally is he ruins my routine and annoys me ha. Poor Rob can’t win. But we are spending our second night away from both kids ever on Thursday night. So going for a romantic date ha. OK so we are going for a meal and then will probably argue about him putting his jeans in the wash with all the pockets full. 

So that’s my exciting update. At least it’s slightly positive for once.