Over the moon. Screw you immune system ha. It’s the one I saw a while back. Just 2 x 3 hour shifts on a weekend on the reception of a care home. Really didn’t think I had got it after the interview as there were a lot of applications but they said I was the best one yay. And instead of just being on reception I have the opportunity to do other work to assist the manager so am very happy. So waiting for police check and references and then I can start yay. 

So feel like things are finally looking up. Start my degree on Wednesday too. 

Ooh and had my first swimming lesson. Even talked the instructor into giving me badges ha. I have my second one tomorrow. Already improved loads from the first one. And now I have my swimming mp3 player it is a lot easier to enjoy swimming now. I can just get lost in my music. 

Health wise isn’t great though. Inflammation is increasing again and I feel rubbish and pain is pretty bad again. 

And I am terrified about finley starting school on Tuesday. It’s just such a long time to have no communication with anyone. He goes on Monday to see his classroom so I can talk to his teacher then. 

And I think that’s everything for now.