So my intention is to use this to vent and process my own thoughts as I fight the whole world. My story so far….

I am now 30something, we will leave that there ha. When I was 19 I met a drunk guy in a very dodgy night club. We arranged a date the next day. He turned up in a baseball cap an hour late. Somehow we are now married with two kids.

Even that wasn’t easy. Our wedding burnt down during the reception, no I aren’t kidding and our 3 year old son has had neurological problems since birth and has quite a few problems.

Since his birth I have had an increasing amount if health problems. Started with vitamin deficiencies, then injuries, generally run down and feeling unwell all the time. I also work 2 nights a week so none of this is ideal.

Eventually I got the diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia. I am on a lovely cocktail of drugs which all have their own problems. I am on chemotherapy drugs (methotrexate) once a week, arcoxia and oxycodone for pain, fluoxetine as it apparently changes pain perception, propranolol for migraines and probably every vitamin known to man.

So that’s me.